The Magic of the Mutable

Exciting, unconventional and full of energy – northern Berlin-Mitte is considered to be one of the most exciting districts in Berlin today. A city district that has gone through one of the most spectacular metamorphoses since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Historical center, seat of government, cultural stronghold and trendy social scene all at the same time – this is where the city that enjoys its reputation for being so endlessly mutable as to be indefinable had found its center.

This residential building is a kind of declaration of love to the city of Berlin. Daniel Libeskind

Only a few blocks away from the established addresses, Berlin is unfolding with unprecedented power and possibilities. Surrounded by the creative mix of bohemian shops, temporary clubs, trendy galleries and young boutiques, here East and West are growing closer together.

Here the spirit of the avant-garde meets a history full of change. Here exciting breaks are creating a new dynamic all its own. And SAPPHIRE is the symbol of this transformation.

SAPPHIRE : Chausseestrasse 43, 10115 Berlin