With a gem-like sparkle

With SAPPHIRE in Berlin, Daniel Libeskind has created his first residential building in Germany. An almost magical appearance, as spectacular and rare as the jewel after which Libeskind has named the property.

SAPPHIRE is a unique residential building, cut like a diamond: an architectural landmark by the hand of the star architect with his unmistakable corners and edges, and yet, when assessed in terms of his global oeuvre, a rare gem that sparkles like a sapphire.

Every apartment and penthouse is an individual Libeskind, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for each resident – dazzling, rare and as desirable as a collector's piece.

That is to me the height of architecture: the everyday life. Daniel Libeskind

Daniel’s Declaration of Love to Berlin

SAPPHIRE closes the previously existing gap at the corner of Chausseestrasse / Schwartzkopffstrasse and gives the neighborhood a new quality with a clear identification point. The silver-blue facade lends a radiant, magical light to the site.

While the unmistakable Libeskind signature is evident from the asymmetrical cubature of the building's exterior, it comes to life even more impressively in its interior. There is an almost poetic approach, whereby Daniel Libeskind creates a sculpture to be lived in and experienced with all of your senses.

Facts at glance